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Sunday, October 13, 2013

a love letter


I don’t know what am I thinking about, or what the heck is this feeling going to be.. I just love to see you day after day… I can’t lie to myself then confidently say “this is love!” no. but I also can’t pretend that my heart doesn’t beat so fast when I saw u in front of my eyes.
I realize u may see this letter with a loud of laugh. I understand the risk would be so ridiculous when everybody know this and somehow… I don’t know why I’m still doing this.
That day the first time I follow u, do you have any idea how hard is it to find your account without asking anybody? I keep it inside, I keep it inside just to hold on to make sure that what I felt is not a fake feeling causes be your damn beautiful face.. and now I know. I like you that much..
I’ve seen the way you talk to your boyfriend through twitter-mention and I got jealous as hell (yes I’m stalking you). But again somehow… I just don’t care. As long as I can still see you are happy, I’m okay.
Honestly, I can’t promise you anything… in fact, I don’t really know about you. Be your boyfriend is not my goal… but yes I want you to know my feeling and think ‘bout this deeply. all I want is learn to be your man. Then become your real man in the exactly time we would be together… now, will you give me a chance?



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