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Monday, July 30, 2012

the 29 days lost

Seperti yang sudah saya perkirakan, bekerja itu ya seperti ini. Capek, takut sama bos, harus nyuri waktu buat nulis ginian juga. Tapi asik, nggak ada tugas, dan di gaji :D . Sudah hampir seminggu, ya.. Hampir seminggu ini tanpa jaringan telpon. Nggak bisa telfon, sms, atau main twitter. Hidup di tengah hutan dimana kemunculan datuk (harimau) masih dianggap biasa. Di dalam hati saya hanya berdo'a setiap harinya, semoga bidik misi saya nggak di cabut. Dan semoga saya masih bisa menikmati pop ice mangga dengan tenang saat kuliah nanti.

Ketika kita sudah berada di dunia kerja, umur bukanlah hal yang menentukan panggilan seseorang, melainkan pangkat. Mau dia semuda apapun, kalo boss ya dipanggil ''pak''. Dan tingkat penghargaan terhadap orang yang berbicara juga sama.

Hari ke 7, total uang yang sudah saya hasilkan adalah.. Rp. 385.000,-

pagi, siang, sore, malam, pagi lagi.. Dan seperti itulah setiap harinya hingga saat ini. Hari ke delapan, masih ada banyak lobang yang harus digali, masih banyak uang yang harus dicari.

Pekerjaan yang keras terkadang membuat kita sadar, akan apa yang kita lakukan selama ini. Kesalahan-kesalahan yang tidak seharusnya kita lakukan. Apalagi untuk orang yang suka menghamburkan uang seperti saya. Membeli hal-hal yang tidak penting seperti baju mahal, ice cream, coklat, hadphone, pop ice mangga. Oh maaf, pop ice mangga tidak termasuk. Pop ice mangga itu hal yang penting.

Ninth day, I start feel confuse how everything will be done well. I can say that I have lost my spirit to go to collage, again. I need money. Of course, everyone need money. Something that I can't get quickly if I go back to Agriculture Tecnology of Sriwijaya University. Here I get paid, it is not a hard job and I am helping my parent. I don't know... However, I will still go back there. the place where many books have waited me.

Night after night passed away. Fell so lonely, I miss someone. the same one that I miss everyday since I've fall for the first time, until now. I guess she doesn't even remember my name. I can see that She hate me at all when the last time we met. It's hurt. But not as hurt as what I have done to her. Forgive me. Now I just can keep my wish, that someday you will understand. I have change.

Ten days passed just like nothing. I've got my first own money. I feel tired, also happy. My possition in this company is utility. It is the lowest possition of every job here I think. We do anything comanded by anyone, exept another utility. But we get enough money anyway. Better than become a waiter of a restaurant.

It is 19th of July 2012, it is near Ramadhan. We need to watch the television to know 'bout tomorrow. Is it fasting day or not. But, what the hell! Who's televission? Work in fasting condition is not an easy job. But I have to do it whatever the risk. It is the 3rd Ramadhan since that day, the day with full happiness.

Unfortunatly, today is not a fasting day. So I can still get my breakfast and lunch. 20th of July, how many days I've been work here. I don't know. Now we start to feel hard to count even just day, or date. No signal, no phone, no television, no internet, damn! Don't worry, there is always a good side. I have money. :)
We are seeing the same star right now, but thinking about tifferent thing. I am thinking about you, and you are thinking about him. So far so bad. I can't go any further from you but you wish to. This is the only bad luck that Allah has given to me, while I were got much much luck exept that. Anyway, thanks God..

When I write this, I said ''oh my God!!!'' what a tired fasting day. This is the first Ramadhan that I do while working. Now I am in the middle of the day and I feel so thirsty. 21st of July, ''oh my God day''.

What's next after oh my God? The second day of Ramadhan. 22nd of July 2012, my mom remain me about my illness. She said that I don't need to push myself. But It is my responsibility, so I keep working while fasting. Keeeeeeeeep spiriiiiiiiiit!!!!!!!!!

23rd of July, so lazy to write even just one word. No holyday, work everyday, tired forever. Oh no,. Good side? I'll be stronger than before.

Saur, tool box meeting, working, buko, sleep, and go on like that everyday. 24th of July, ----> :'(

25th of July, it is an amazing day, my boss is going out to Jambi and we are free. No body pay attention and it is very very fun. I was slept from 11 to 15 o'clock, hahaha, a joki doki day while fasting.
26th of July 2012, we have finished set the radio tower stand. Can you imagine that? I have ever set the tower with 33 m hight.. Whoaaa... :D

Day after day, I didn't count even once before but now I know.. I've been worked here along 19 days. 27th of July, I am here working with many people. But mostly I work as a helper of a mechanic man I usually call Mr. Jainal. He is a funny man. have no many differences with my father. Oh ya, he has a son named wahyu too..

 28th of July, hey... I gotta go to sriwijaya university tomorrow, shit man...

I came to Indralaya at 6 o'clock, I got a lot of signals, I wish that I can text her as much as I want. But that was... Totally nonsense. 29th of July, home alone. I've try to stay on hope for her, but she go furhter. I've try to forget her, but I'm going mad. what is it? I can't go, I can't stay..


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