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Thursday, March 12, 2015

Overheat and Thermal Paste : next level.

                Hey my dear fellows and especially Bidik Misi Students of Sriwijaya University 2011, generally everyone out there who have a bunch of trouble cause your damn laptop is hot enough to fry an egg... yeah that’s what we call overheat guys... don’t worry.

            Before I continue my awkward article using this fuckin’ language, I wanna say I’m sorry if this makes you confuse... my English is not that good. and also, if you haven’t know how to clean up your laptop’s fan and change the thermal paste, you need to READ THIS first. ATTENTION! If you do not have any kind of thermal paste right in your hand now, do not try this method.

            So here’s the point, your laptop is hot, and what I mean hot is not like hot sexy awesome anything like that... it is hot like burned. Sometimes it just stop working and you cannot do anything but push the power button and force it to death. Off. In other case is even worse, it is just shut down with no caution or any other sight like stop working. Just off. End of the line.

            You know how to clean up your laptop’s fan and change the thermal paste, but that’s not making so much different. This could be your problem...

Pay attention to the spot that has red circle on it!

First of all I need to tell you that the picture above is your VGA and Processor heatsink  fan (HSF). There are three of them right? It is probably the heatsink for your processor, original VGA, and off course Nvidia. If any of you have not know yet about heatsink, google it. I’ve no time to lecture you.

Now the problem is (which I mean yours only), look at my heatsink... its good, there is a white dry thermal paste over there. Hey wait, thermal paste ain’t no dry, it’s wet like mud or slime... yes! Thermal paste is not dry like that! So what is that? Honestly? I don’t know...

Some of you might not realize that yours (that is now having trouble with overheat and can’t be fixed by cleaning up the fan and changing the thermal paste) is not having the same heatsink like mine. Yess, some of the lenovo laptop we have is just have blank heatsink, with no white dry thermal paste on it. Sound simple but if we think carefully, without “that white dry thermal paste”... when you add the thermal paste then it just gonna be spread out all over the place, because the surface of the heatsink is too flat. So now, HOW TO FIX THE PROBLEM? and what is that white dry thing actually?

I’m not an IT student or whatever it is related to the computer thing so I’ll just be honest again, I do not know. But I do have 2 suggestion for you:
1.      Go get your friend’s lenovo who has a good heatsink with white dry thermal paste on it, steal it and exchange it to your lenovo. Or...

2.      You need to know that there such a thing called thermal conductivity pad/ thermal pad/ thermal paste silicon form. I feel suspicious that it is what we have call in this entire article as “white dry thermal paste”. If that so, you need to find that thermal pad first, put it on your heatsink and consider it as the replacement of your thermal paste... and hopefully, problem solved

Remember. Do not try to open your fan when you don’t have any kind of thermal paste. Moreover, when your laptop is in overheat condition.

Happy trying!


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